Our fabric for our cotton, linen and summer wool comes from the Albini Group – specifically from the Albini 1876 mill and the Thomas Mason mill. 

These world-renowned brands are trusted by our master tailors to ensure we deliver the best possible face mask as a product to our customers. 

Albini 1876 fabric for face masks

Albini 1876 only selects the very best European linen to create fresh and natural fabrics with exceptional properties: maximum durability, high moisture absorption capacity, insulating and temperature regulating properties along with hypoallergenic characteristics.

Albini 1876 has been in operation for over 140 years, delivering high-quality collections that meet the most demanding market requirements.

This is 100% Italian taste and sophistication. Manufactured with cutting-edge machinery and state-of-the-art technology, the Albini 1876 fabrics are the ultimate in linen luxury and combines tradition with elegance and craftsmanship which tailors in Napoli are known for.

From a classic and sophisticated mood to something more contemporary, all the Albini 1876 fabrics are eye-catching and innovative, representing the excellence of Made in Italy – for everyone around the world.

Thomas Mason fabric for face masks

Thomas Mason, meanwhile, takes their inspiration from the Industrial Revolution in England. Their innovative fabrics look fresh and smooth all day long.

Thomas Mason textiles offer simple sophistication at its best. Over the years, Thomas Mason has stitched together stories of stories of elegance and style, becoming the benchmark for many in the world of men’s tailoring

The Thomas Mason collection boasts the use of double twisted fabrics made with the finest extra-long staple yarns in the world, capable of reinterpreting and revolutionising styles from every era. It's effortless and timeless elegance with a meticulous attention to detail that defines its trusted quality.

Linen and cotton face mask fabric

The fabric we use for our linen face masks is chosen by a master tailor and are a luxury option for anyone looking for a cool and comfortable face mask fabric. 

From sophisticated micro-designs to colourful drawings, Albini Group prints always distinguish themselves for their creativity, high-definition and use of colour. Each fabric mill offers something unique from its various face mask fabric and there is something to suit everyone.

cotton face mask

For some of our cotton face masks, we use a luxurious Zephir fabric.
Light and delicate like the west wind, Zephir is a very fine cotton fabric with the same number of warp and weft threads. This method gives the fabric a very gentle look.

Nido d’Ape A24, meanwhile, is relaxed and contemporary. This fabric is distinguished by a waffle structure with a more informal twist. The open weave gives the fabric excellent breath-ability, lightness and comfort - ideal for summer shirts or face masks.

Don’t forget Piquet 70. This face mask fabric represents the essence of Albini structured fabrics. The high density of the warp and weft, and the proficient combination of different structures, create new three-dimensional effects along with sophisticated plays of light and colour.

cotton face mask white

And then there is Royale. This is a compact double twisted dobby fabric. Full-bodied and durable, it features classic and characteristic structures that are proficiently combined with the colour to bestow a three-dimensional effect and flowing movement to the fabric.

Fabrics for wool face masks

Summer wool is a great for face masks and comfortable to wear.

Kent is a fabric created with the exclusive yarn from I Cotoni by Albini in 100% wool. The wool, sourced from Australia and certified mulesing-free, is spun with a cutting-edge technique that draws inspiration from the cotton world.

This helps ensure a super-fine, regular yarn of the highest quality. This yarn creates the perfect fabric for summer wool face masks. It is light and thermo regulating, comfortable and with a natural elasticity, machine washable, resistant to creasing and pilling.

Sannino Summer Wool Designer Face Mask

One of the distinguishing features of Thomas Mason is its celebrated sporting history. Their fabrics have been the first choice for sportspeople, particularly tennis players and polo players. Open is a replica of the original woven tennis shirt fabric that is the perfect choice for the freshness of a comfortable and cool summer face mask.