Which masks are reusable?

In many countries around the world, face masks are becoming part of everyone’s daily outfit. It’s important to remember that regular hand washing and social distancing are the two most important interventions when it comes to curbing the spread of COVID-19.

That said, masks are very helpful and as the world slowly “opens up” again, many of will wear them.

Because of that, you might be wondering which masks are reusable, so that you can keep the environment in mind when buying your face mask.

The majority of non-medical masks are reusable, provided you follow the care instructions and you take care to clean and wash your face mask properly after using it.

Face masks made out of fabrics such as linen, cotton and summer wool can be washed and cleaned and worn again. How many times you can reuse the mask will vary. Refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions to see which masks are reusable and for how long.

Just like with any other item of clothing, though, the more you wash your mask the less effective it will become. To limit how quickly your mask wears out, it is a good idea to have more than two reusable face masks you can keep on rotation.

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